Juliette Armand Clinical Facials 

Prescriptive facials, enabling us to treat a wide range of skin concerns. Includes advanced products such as Vitamin C,

Retinol, Hyaluronic acid and Glycolic acid.

Advanced Prescriptive mini facial                  30mins £25

Advanced Prescriptive Facial                          60mins £38

Back Facial                                                        45mins £38

Microdermabrasion Facial

Using diamond tip head. Ideal for problem skin.

Basic microderm facial                                    30mins £22

Deluxe microderm facial                                  1hr       £32

Microdermabrasion Course,

10 basic+2 deluxe Microderm facials,12 treatments £250

Non Surgical Facial Lift

Softens lines and wrinkles and lifts contours.

Each session                                                     45mins £30

Course of 12                                                                    £260

Add basic microdermabrasion


Chemical peel 

A Mild acid solution is applied to the face and neck,

chemically exfoliating the skin

to improve the appearance of fine lines,      

scars, enlarged pores.

Improves texture.

We then use an LED mask to soothe the skin. 45mins £40

Save 10% on course of 6 treatments                             £216


Dermaplanning exfoliates the skin,

our highly skilled therapists use a scalpel to remove dead skin cells,

dirt and vellous hair,

without damaging your skin.

We then use an LED light mask and the highest quality

Juliette Armand products                                               £40

Save 10% on course of 6 treatments                             £216


Micro-needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure,

used to treat skin concerns via stimulating collagen production.

Very short, fine sterilised needles penetrate the skin with serum.

We then finish with Led light mask.                             £55

Save 10% on course of 6 treatments                          £297